Johnny Carter Your subconscious mind holds the key


Mindfulness Coaching for Extraordinary Living

Tired of feeling stuck?

Overwhelmed with stress or doubt?

Create an exceptional life that you’ll love.

Australian mindfulness coach and thought leader Johnny Carter helps get your life into authentic alignment. He reveals simple, practical and ground-breaking mindset tools to dissolve limiting beliefs so you can move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Trained in NLP and quantum physics, and utilising the principles of the transformational A Course in Miracles, Johnny is passionate about sharing innovative ideas and helping others create the ultimate miracle mindset. He incorporates a gentle and holistic approach to help you optimise your thoughts and actions so you will navigate a clearer, harmonious and more enriching life path.

Drawing on his extensive business and life experience, Johnny’s proven step-by-step formula trains your mind to be more present; lays the foundation for more peace and less stress and teaches you how to trust your inner guidance system.

Johnny helps you build your roadmap to fulfilment so you:

  • Redesign your life to get on track for business and entrepreneurial success

  • Breakthrough FEAR, phobias, anxiety and clear negative blocks

  • Master strategies to assist you with transitional phases

  • Achieve stress-free productivity

  • Set powerful, crystal-clear goals and take appropriate action

  • Become more grounded, intuitive and empowered

  • Create happy, fulfilling, harmonious relationships.

Start raising your conscious awareness with Johnny’s six fundamental questions:

1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to go?

3. What don’t you want?

4. What do you truly want?

5. Why do you want it?

6. How are you going to make it happen?

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He firmly believes your subconscious mind holds the key.